Quick Answer: How To Make Mickey Mouse Costume At Home?

How do you make a Mickey Mouse costume?

Mickey Mouse: Black Onesie (or shirt), black pants, red shorts, Mickey Ears, white stick on felt, white gloves and yellow shoes. Layer the red shorts over the pants/onesie. Then cut out 2 circles from the stick on felt and stick them onto the shorts. If you want to make sure it really sticks, use some glue.

How do you make a mouse costume for kids?

With a few simple tools and a little creativity, you can create an adorable mouse costume for your child.

  1. Stuff the gray tube sock with fiberfill.
  2. Cut two gray ears with two pink ear insides out of felt.
  3. Cut a small circle of pink felt for the mouse belly.
  4. Dress your child in their sweatsuit.
  5. Add makeup to her face.

What outfits does Minnie Mouse wear?

Minnie wears a vintage polka-dot dress (usually red) with cute heels. For your own Minnie costume, be sure to include her hair bow and the iconic mouse ears! You can make your efforts a group costume by having friends dress as other classic Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, or Goofy.

How do you dress like a mouse?

Use clothing for the mouse body.

  1. Women can use things like a tank dress, leggings and a tank top, a solid color dress, or sweatpants and a sweatshirt.
  2. Men can use things like sweatpants and a sweatshirt, or pants and a t-shirt of the same color.
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How do you make a mouse ear costume?


  1. Create a template for the ears.
  2. Create a template for the inner ear and cut out 2 inner ears from pink felt.
  3. Apply glue to the back of the each ear and fold in half.
  4. Slide the ears onto the headband and apply glue if needed to hold ears in place.
  5. Optional Sewn Mouse Ears: I also made a fancier sewn version.

What is Colour of Mickey Mouse?

Mickey’s shorts had been both red and green in merchandise, but they were more often red, so Band Concert decisively made red Mickey’s signature color.

How do you make Gus Gus ears?

For the ears: Cut teardrop shaped ears from brown and pink felt – one color for each ear, pink facing front. Glue together and pinch each base together and glue. Glue to the side bottoms of the hat. Add an elastic band under the ears to keep the hat on if needed.

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