Often asked: How To Make Clown Costume At Home?

How do I make a clown dress?

Find a plain white T-shirt that you don’t mind making into a clown costume. Find some large pom-poms or colorful buttons and line them up down the center of your shirt. Use a dab of hot glue to attach each one, then let your shirt dry for about 10 minutes. If you don’t have pom-poms or buttons, that’s okay.

What you need for a clown costume?

You’ll need a full face of face paint, some rainbow glasses, a clown nose, a rainbow wig, a clown costume, and clown shoes.

How do you make a scary clown costume?

One way to achieve a scary clown look is to exaggerate the teeth and smile. Using ordinary black and white face paint, you might paint over-sized, bared teeth and fangs over your lips. Along with a classic red nose and kohl-lined eyes, this can be a frightening look. Alternatively, you can paint a classic clown face.

Is it illegal to dress up like a clown?

While wearing a clown mask, specifically, is not against the law, it can be an arrestable offense — some states, like Virginia, still prohibit wearing masks in public. Additionally, wearing a mask into a bank could get you into some serious trouble.

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How do you make a simple clown?


  1. Draw the circle nose.
  2. Add the two attached eyes.
  3. Draw the head around the eyes.
  4. Add the mouth.
  5. Draw the neck, bow, shoulders.
  6. Add ears and curly hair.
  7. Draw the hat on the head.
  8. Erase the gray lines and add spots.

What does a clown wear?

Generally, a clown costume consists of large clothing in eye-catching colours. They usually wear waistcoats, big ties or bow ties, and suspenders to hold up their trousers. These are the essentials of a good clown costume.

How do you do clown makeup?

Start by doing your regular makeup on one side of your face, then using a makeup remover to carve out the section that you want to create your clown makeup on. Trace the line with black eyeliner to set the two sections apart, then use white face paint and red lip liner to complete the clown look.

How do you make a clown tie?

To make the tie, cut a tie shape out of an 11″ by 14″ foam sheet. Cut the elastic 14” – 18” to fit loosely around the neck. Make a slit in each side of the top of the tie to thread elastic through. Staple, tack with needle and thread, or glue the ends together.

Can 13 year olds Trick or Treat?

So, if you or your kids are 13 and up, follow this trick-or-treating rule of thumb: Practice good manners, wear a great costume, stay safe, and have fun. Wilmot says it best: “As long as everyone is being kind and respectful, how can we put an age limit on fun?”

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Can I dress up as a clown?

Dressing up as a clown is a fun and inexpensive way to liven up a children’s party. It is also a fast and easy way to prepare for a costume party. Clown costumes do not have to cost a lot of money or involve thick, messy makeup.

Is it illegal to wear a costume in public?

Is it illegal to wear a Halloween costume in public? Generally you can wear anything you want (in the US, in public) within the rather arbitrarily enforced limits of decency. In private places or public but commercial places (like a mall or theme park) the owners may be able to have restrictions.

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