Salman Khan Clothes?

Which brand clothes Salman Khan wears?

Salman Khan owns the clothing brand Being Human, which is very popular among the youth.

How many shoes Salman Khan produce?

OMG! This Bollywood actor owns 54 pairs of shoes!

Which is Salman Khan wife?

Khan is a dedicated and renowned bodybuilder. Khan has never been married. His relationships have been of keen interest to the media and his fans.

Does Salman Khan wear black?

He is usually spotted in jeans and T-shirts and rarely clad in formal clothes. Another special feature of Salman’s style sense is that he always goes for something black. Even his wardrobe is dominated by this colour. So, that may be one of the reasons why Salman loves black.

What is the age Salman Khan?

55 years (December 27, 1965)

What is the height of SRK?

1.69 m

What is the height of Aamir Khan in feet?

1.63 m

Who is the son of Salman Khan?

Salim, one half of the duo Salim–Javed, is one of the most famous screenwriters in the history of Indian cinema. His son, actor Salman Khan, has been the prominent face of the family since the 1990s, as one of the Bollywood biggest Bollywood movie stars in history of Indian cinema.

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Who is mother of Salman Khan?

Sushila Charak

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