Readers ask: Clothes For Indian Wedding?

What do Indians wear for weddings?

Ceremony Lehenga A lehenga is traditional Indian attire worn for wedding celebrations. Unlike western wedding ceremonies, brides avoid wearing white, as it’s a symbol of mourning. Instead, they opt for a colorful sari that reflects their region of origin.

What do Hindu brides wear?

The Bride Wears a Red Dress Don’t expect a bride in white at a Hindu wedding! “Traditionally, a South Asian bride will wear a red sari or a modern lengha to be wrapped in on her wedding day,” says Patel.

What do the bride and groom wear in a Hindu wedding?

It is accepted to wear western formal wear to a Hindu wedding, although it is encouraged to buy traditional attire. For men, a suit is acceptable however if you want to wear something more traditional then the main two outfits are Kurta Pajamas and Sherwanis.

What should a man wear to an Indian wedding?

If you want to look dressed up for a wedding function, but not too dressed up at the same time, then you need to mix and match formal with casual. Wear a casual yet chic shirt and trouser/linen pants combination. On top of this, add a nice waistcoat and that is all you need to look well-dressed for the occasion.

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How much money do you give for an Indian wedding?

The amount of the cash gift varies and is personal to each guest. Whereas you might think of nice round numbers like $50, $70, or $100, in Indian culture we never give a gift ending in 0. The amounts usually end with a “1” such as $51 or $101.

What should I wear to an Indian wedding If Im not Indian?

There is no expectation for you to wear Indian clothes to an Indian wedding,” adds Gohel. “If you are not comfortable wearing traditional Indian clothes, any cocktail dress or ensemble that you would wear to a Western wedding is suitable.”

What do Indian brides wear on their head?

On the center of her forehead she wears a ‘Tikka’, representing the ‘ajna chakra’, meaning to know or perceive in Sanskrit. She then wears a necklace, usually comprised of uncut diamonds, gold, gem stones, similar to what Indian royals used to wear.

Do Indian brides wear lingerie?

Indian brides are unique-as unique as the country’s customs, colours and traditions. A great deal of thought and preparation goes in buying the bridal trousseau; there is inclusion of heavy jewellery, wedding attire in different types of fabrics, footwear, makeup etc. An important part of the trousseau is the lingerie.

Who pays for an Indian wedding?

Who pays for an Indian wedding? It’s mostly split between the couple and their parents, 50/50. Sometimes however, if one side is insisting on more guests or extra fanfare, then those costs are adjusted.

What are the seven steps in a Hindu wedding?

The Seven Steps

  • Let us provide for our household, stay in good health and carry out our duties and responsibilities to each other, our families and our tradition.
  • Let us develop our mental and spiritual powers.
  • Let us increase our wealth and comfort by righteous and proper means.
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What do the 7 steps in a Hindu wedding mean?

Saptapadi (English: seven steps, saptapadī) is the most important rite (Sanskrit: rītī) of a Hindu marriage ceremony. The word, Saptapadi means “Seven steps”. After tying the Mangalsutra, the newlywed couple take seven steps, that is called Saptapadi. After the seventh step, the couple legally become husband and wife.

What should I wear to my cousins Indian wedding?

Read on to be oh-so divalicious!

  1. Saree with a twist. twistedcoco.
  2. Cape with dhoti pants. aayushibangur.
  3. Front-open kurta with cigarette pants. urmidaga.
  4. Cape with lehenga. aayushibangur.
  5. An interesting spin on the dhoti saree. thatbohogirl.
  6. Dhoti saree with crop top. headtilt.
  7. Long kurta with lehenga.
  8. Short kurti with sharara.

What should a female guest wear to an Indian wedding reception?

As a guest to an Indian wedding, you are encouraged to wear bright and colorful clothes. Vibrant blue, mint green, orange, and bright pink are good choices of colors. The only color you should avoid is red, since the bride would be wearing red in one of the main events.

Why do Indian brides wear red?

“In our culture, it means new beginnings, passion, and prosperity. Red also represents the Hindu goddess Durga, who symbolizes new beginnings and feminine power.” With astrology so closely connected to the Hindu religion, red is also a symbol of Mars—the planet that rules marriage.

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