Quick Answer: Marathi Wedding Clothes?

What should I wear to a Marathi wedding?

Maharashtrian weddings are known for their pomp, glitter and glamour and in order to match the aura of the weddings, women must dress traditionally. A woman can wear anything from a Saree to a half saree, a lehenga choli, a traditional anarkali or an anarkali gown. The choices are plenty.

What should I wear in Maharashtrian engagement?

The brides usually wear beautiful glass green bangles for Marathi Sakharpuda. They also pick up matching jewellery with the bangles which include a Maang tikka, a Marathi Nath and a pair of gold earrings with a necklace. Most brides-to-be wear a saree on their Sakharpuda ceremony.

How is Marathi wedding done?

This is the official engagement ceremony or the Roka ceremony in Marathi/Maharashtrian wedding, which is signified by Sakhar or sweets. The groom’s mother applies Haldi- Kumkum on the bride’s forehead as blessings and gifts her saree, jewellery and Sakhar Puda or sweets.

Why Maharashtrian brides wear yellow saree?

Traditionally, Maharashtrian brides wear outfits in yellow and green as they are a sign of happiness and prosperity. If you are looking to opt for a different colour for your nauvari or regular saree, it’s time to get inspired by these brides!

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What do Marathi people wear?

Traditional clothes for Maharashtrian males include the dhoti, also known as Dhotar, and pheta, while a choli and nine-yard saree locally known as Nauwari saadi or Lugda is for women. Traditional clothing is famous in rural areas while traditional people from cities also wear these clothing.

Why do Maharashtrians wear green bangles?

Green Bangles are considered a symbol of auspiciousness and fertility – and hence only married women wear these. A stand out in the traditional identity of the woman, the green bangles find a home in almost every Maharashtrian women.

What is the engagement ceremony?

The Engagement Ceremony is a pre wedding ceremony and important part of wedding in many cultures. This ceremony has great importance as it is the ceremony which starts the romantic journey of getting married. An Engagement Ceremony is performed well ahead of the wedding as it signifies the commitment to get married.

What is meant by Sakharpuda?

Sakharpuda is the Maharashtrian Engagement ceremony. The correct name of the ceremony “Rupaya Naral – Sakharpuda”. It is also known as “Waangnischay” which literally means verbal agreement. Sakhar means sugar and puda means a packet or box. This is one of the important ceremony before engagement.

How is the ring ceremony celebrated?

The ceremony kick starts early in the morning when elderly women from the groom’s family visit the bride’s home and gifts her shagun, outfits, jewellery, and the chunni or scarf that the bride wears to cover her face. The groom then decorates the forehead of the bride and in some families they exchange rings.

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What is a Konkani wedding?

Konkani people are known as Gaud Saraswat Brahmins and their weddings are immersed in the sanctity of pure customs and rituals – an ethereal affair where two souls meet each other and become one for eternity. Before The Pre Wedding Rituals (Nandi Puja): Nandi Puja takes place at least ten days prior to the espousal.

What happens in a Gujarati wedding?

During this ceremony, the father of the bride along with four male relatives visit the groom’s place with a steel container or maatli full of sweets and gifts for the groom and his family. He then applies chandlo or a red circle at the center of the groom’s forehead and gives him the maatli and some money.

What is karavali in Marathi wedding?

The karavali applies water from kalash on the eyes of the bride and groom. Sayali KulkarniMarathi Wedding rituals.

Which color is best for Nauvari saree?

An enchanting yellow nauvari saree which looks exceptionally beautiful. Weddings and yellow colour go hand-in-hand. Yellow is the colour that symbolises prosperity and festivities. And when it’s your wedding day, what’s better than adorning a bright yellow nauvari saree that will make you look like a princess.

What is Nauvari?

The distinctive Maratha woman’s apparel measuring nine yards is referred to as Nauvari, meaning nine yards. It is also called as the Kaashtha sari or Lugade. The name Kaashtha sari is because the style of draping the saree is similar to the way a Maharashtrian dhoti is worn.

How many types of Nauvari saree are there?

Beautiful Nauvari Sarees for Women With Images: Here are the top 18 types of Nauvari sarees, along with their brief description, that you definitely should know about.

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