Often asked: Rainy Season Clothes?

What clothes to wear in rainy season?

Cotton fabrics are most comfortable. Denim is not for rain but denim helps after the rain. The denim does not get mud stains easily and denim can be used as capri when needed. Use a footwear that is safe.

Why do we wear rainy clothes in rainy season?

Answer: They wear woollen clothes in winter season. But in rainy season the situation is of different type. If we wear rainy clothes for saving ourselves from rain, we do not wear them for a long time because they are air tied and after some time we feel nervousness.

What do we eat in rainy season?

Monsoon is the time of gourds like bottle gourd, bitter gourd, ash gourd, ridge gourd, snake gourd, and other veggies that are available in plenty includes cucumbers, tomatoes, beans, okra and radish. Adding these veggies liberally to your regular diet plan aids to foster good gut health and immune activity.

What do we use in rainy season?

Answer: We use boots, umbrellas, raincoats, etc. for prtotection from water. We use rainwater harvesters to conserve water.

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Does rain ruin cotton clothes?

Even if the cotton does stay in the burr, or boll, and is not strung out, rain on open bolls could still cause costly damage. As the cotton burrs that are open become wet, they’ll start to deteriorate, Yantis said. With that deterioration comes discoloration. It will stain the cotton and hurt your grade.

Which fruits are available in rainy season?

Top 5 Rainy Season Fruits To Include In Your Diet

  • Lychee or Litchi. Lychee is an Indian monsoon fruit that grows beautifully during the rainy season due to its high water content.
  • Plums.
  • Apples.
  • Jamun.
  • Mangoes.

Which drink is good in rainy season?

Fruit smoothie Fruits are a rich source of nutrition, since they are packed with minerals and vitamins. Eating fruits is a healthy option during the monsoon season. You can also make a smoothie using a variety of fruits like strawberries, kiwi, or mangoes, whatever you like.

What should not be eaten in rainy season?

But in the rainy season, it is best to avoid them. The green can go bad easily in this season due to moisture on the leaves. Besides, the humidity in the weather makes the cruciferous plants a perfect breeding ground for germs. It is better to avoid foods like spinach, cabbage, and cauliflower in this season.

What should not eat in rainy season?

Monsoon always makes you crave for delicious food. But there are some foods you should avoid in the season, or they can hamper your health. Build your Immunity by including a Probiotic Food as a part of the Daily Diet

  • Spicy and fried foods.
  • Fizzy drinks.
  • Mushroom.
  • Raw foods.
  • Curd.
  • Ghevar.
  • Salty foods.
  • Street foods.
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Which is rainy season?

Monsoon or rainy season, lasting from June to September. The season is dominated by the humid southwest summer monsoon, which slowly sweeps across the country beginning in late May or early June. Monsoon rains begin to recede from North India at the beginning of October. South India typically receives more rainfall.

Is monsoon and rainy season same?

The monsoon is also referred to as the rainy season, although the summer monsoon brings more rain than the winter monsoon.

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