FAQ: Size Of Clothes In India?

How are Indian clothes sizes measured?

Choosing the Correct Size Please take exact body measurement. Then add 2 inches (or 3 inches) margin in it to arrive to your correct garment size. Say for example your bust size is 34. Add 2 inches to it and your garment size will be Size36.

Which clothing size does India follow?

The Indian textile sector currently follows the universal size measurement standard categorised as ‘XS’ (Extra Small), ‘S’ (Small), ‘L’ (Large), ‘M’ (Medium), ‘L’ (Large), ‘XL (Extra Large) and so on. As far as shoe sizes are concerned, India and UK follow the same standards.

Is 2X same as XXL?

An XXL is generally the largest size in Misses clothing (very rarely do you see misses/straight sizes in a 20). An XXL fits like a 1X in my experience. An XXL is NOT the same as a 2X.

Is UK size and Indian Size same?

Is UK size and Indian Size same? Yes, UK and Indian Shoe sizes are same. Therefore, whenever you are planning on buying a pair of shoes from an international brand, or you are shoe shopping outside India, you can look for UK shoe size to purchase shoes.

How do I measure my clothes size?

Choosing Your Size

  1. BUST:Measure around the back, under the arms and across the fullest part of the bust.
  2. WAIST: Measure around the waist, with the tape measure flat against the figure and snug but not too tight.
  3. HIPS: Measure over the fullest part of the hips, usually 21-23cm / 8-9” down from the waist.
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What size t shirt sells the most in India?

While most brands have six sizes—XS, S, M, L, XL and free size (XXL), the two extremes—XS and XXL—sell the least. Medium is the most common size among Indian women, and large, the most common among men. From time to time, Fabindia gives price discounts on XL and XS but not for S, M, L.

How I know my t-shirt size?

You’ll need to measure the fullest part of your chest to get the proper measurement. Make sure that the measuring tape goes under your arms. Keep the measuring tape neither too tight nor too loose. If you do it too tight then you’ll get the wrong measurements and your dress won’t fit properly.

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