FAQ: Clothes Gst Rate?

Is GST charged on clothing?

GST Rate for Garment, Apparel and Clothing Under both categories, any piece of apparel or clothing would be taxed at 5% GST if the taxable value of the goods does not exceed Rs. 1000 per piece. As per schedule II of Chapter 62, all types of apparel and clothing of sale value exceeding Rs. 1000 shall attract 12% of GST.

What is the GST rate on readymade garments?

Readymade garments of sale value not exceeding Rs. 1000 per piece attract 5% GST. Readymade garments of sale value exceeding Rs. 1000 per piece attract 12% GST.

What is the GST on clothing items?

GST rates for garments and made up articles is 5% of sale value not exceeding Rs. 1000 per piece and 12% for articles of sale value exceeding Rs. 1000 per piece. The GST rates are lesser than the pre-GST incidence of taxes on these goods.

How is GST calculated?

GST calculation can be explained by simple illustration: If a goods or services is sold at Rs. 1,000 and the GST rate applicable is 18%, then the net price calculated will be = 1,000+ (1,000X(18/100)) = 1,000+180 = Rs. 1,180.

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What is HSN code in GST?

HSN code stands for “Harmonized System of Nomenclature”. This system has been introduced for the systematic classification of goods all over the world. HSN code is a 6-digit uniform code that classifies 5000+ products and is accepted worldwide.

Does retailer have to pay GST?

The dealers registered under GST (Manufacturers, Wholesalers and Retailers and Service Providers) are required to charge GST at the specified rate of tax on goods and services that they supply to customers. The GST payable is included in the price paid by the recipient of the goods and services.

Can I add more than 5 HSN code in GST?

For including new goods and services in the GST registration, you need to type the relevant HSN codes inside the HSN codes field provided just below the Non-Core Fields. You have to tap on it, and the relevant goods type will be added. Note:- This way you can include up to 5 goods only on your GST registration.

What is the GST on jackets?

Articles of apparel like jackets and clothing accessories made out of leather attract 28% GST.

Is GST applicable for tailoring?

The GST Council decided to reduce GST rate on tailoring service from 18% to 5%. The Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley-headed GST Council has recommended many relief measures regarding GST rates on goods and services covering many sectors and commodities.

Is GST applicable on cotton?

GST Rate for Cotton Cotton is classified under chapter 52 of the HSN code. Accordingly, goods made out of Cottons like Gandhi topi and khadi yarn are exempt from GST. All other cotton and cotton goods as under attract 5% GST.

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Is GST applicable on raw cotton?

12/2017 dated 28.06. 2017, Services by way of storage or warehousing of cereals, pulses, fruits, nuts and vegetables, spices, copra, sugarcane, jaggery, raw vegetable fibres such as Cotton, flax, jute etc., indigo, unmanufactured tobacco, betel leaves, tendu leaves, coffee and tea is exempt form GST.

Is GST applicable on sarees?

Sarees and personal care products are likely to get more expensive under the Goods & Services Tax (GST) framework. According to the proposed tax rates, 5 per cent GST will be levied on garments and apparel of up to ₹1,000, beyond which they will be taxed at 12 per cent.

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